Note: If you encounter difficulty downloading these forms, try saving them on your computer first, then open with Adobe Reader.

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License Application Form 605

Use this application for exams and administrative changes, and bring a copy to the Exam Session. ‘

This form is “fillable” – you can download it to your computer, then, using Adobe Reader, you can fill it out and print it. This makes your application more legible than if you fill it out by hand. If you do fill it out by hand, please use ink, not pencil.

Instructions for filling out the form are on the reverse side of the form – it is a two-sided document. You only need to print out the first side to bring with you.

Register and Receive an FCC Reference Number (FRN)

New CORES Registration System, mandatory March 1, 2019

Information for Yes answers to the Basic Qualification Question


GLAARG Answer Sheet for use with Grading Templates