ExamTools Tier 2 Training

The path to participating in Remote Exam Sessions is outlined in a Discord Process Tip. Discord is a collaboration platform. Here’s a link to the server: https://discord.gg/FzJ7DRb

Here is a link to the process tip:


Process Tip #18: If you are a new VE Team Lead looking to get started with ExamTools, here are our recommended steps:

  1. Read through all the #process-tips and watch all the videos
  2. Get yourself setup in the Sandbox environment using section “How to create a sandbox account” from the guide listed in #process-tips #3)
  3. Optional: Set up 2 or more of your more experienced VEs that you would like to bring along on this journey using the same guide
    3a. If you do not have VEs that can train with you in the sandbox environment, you can use dummy VEs referenced in the instructions.
  4. Setup sample sessions and practice registering candidates, running the exam, and getting yourself comfortable with the ExamTools system.
  5. Ask in the appropriate VEC channel on the Discord to shadow another team already running live exams
  6. @VE Team Lead – Once you are ready to run real exams in the production environment, get explicit permission from your VEC to run fully-remote or in-person exams using ExamTools and send the confirmation of your approval to verifications@examtools.org
  7. At this point you’ll need to get all VEs on your team set up in the production environment to assist with your exams. Send them the sign up form from #process-tips #4 to get them registered with ExamTools and configured to help with your session.
  8. Create your first real exam session in the production environment and run your session!
  9. At any time, use the Discord to ask questions or ping @Experienced Support for any specific or urgent needs. We’re all here to help each other out and expand testing for everyone!