How to Become a Remote Session VE

Become a Remote Session VE!

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Subscribe to the GLAARG VE’s – note that each Session Owner, the ones organizing and advertising their sessions to VEs, have their own sub-group – you have to apply for membership in their sub-group in order to see correspondence and new events published to their sub-group.

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NameCallsignVE#EmailPublic Sessions PageWays to communicate with the Session Team
Norm GoodkinK6YXH0070Enorm@goodkin.netK6YXH SessionsGLAARG Discord
Naomi GoodkinWB6OHW1172Enaomi@goodkin.netWB6OHW
GLAARG Discord
Richard SherwoodN6RU1218En6ru@mail.comN6RU SessionsGLAARG Discord
Heather ParkerKM6ZQB2092Eparker_prince@yahoo.comKM6ZQB
GLAARG Discord
Marcel StieberAI6MS2112Eai6ms@arrl.netAI6MS Sessions
Nick BoothN1CCK2118Enick@n1cck.usN1CCK
GLAARG Discord
Connor DickeyKD9LSV2138Eremotetesting@kd9lsv.meKD9LSV
GLAARG Discord
Dave WickertAE7TD2145Edwickert@hotmail.comAE7TD Sessions
Lamonte CuffN1LC2278Elamonte.david@aol.comN1LC Sessions PhillyVEs Discord
Art N8BLK Sessions PhillyVEs Discord
Frank DriesAF0DR2346Ewingman301@yahoo.comAF0DR
GLAARG Discord
Antoine DailyNP3AD2351Eantoine.daily@gmail.comNP3AD Sessions