GLAARG Custodian Responsibilities

How do you become a GLAARG Custodian?

  • You must first be a GLAARG-Accredited Amateur Radio Operator, holding an active General, Advanced or Extra Class license.
  • You have submitted an application to hold VE sessions to the GLAARG VEC ( and have received permission to conduct exams in specific locations. The VEC issues you session numbers for each session.

The application to hold a VE session requires that you identify at least two other GLAARG-accredited VEs, who will administer your exam sessions with you – you need at least three VEs to administer an exam.

  • The VEC has notified the GLAARG Materials Coordinator of your need for materials, indicating the number of exams you expect to administer at any given session, for each license class that you are personally allowed to administer.
  • You have given the GLAARG Materials Coordinator your call sign, license class, phone number, email address, and secure postal address at which you will receive your exam materials.
  • The GLAARG Materials Coordinator has provided you with exam booklets and grading templates. Note that you may only be the custodian for exams you are personally allowed to administer:
    • General – Technician
    • Advanced – Technician and General
    • Extra – Technician, General and Extra

What You Do

  • Maintain custody of all materials required to administer exams, including exam booklets, grading templates and CSCEs.
  • Keep booklets and answer keys secure and report any security compromise to the VEC.
  • Make the exam materials available at VE Sessions and assure that all booklets and grading keys are secured before, during and after the session. Some VE Custodians number their exam booklets to assure that the exams are all accounted for and the VE Teams check the sequences at the start and end of every session.
  • Shred or repair exam booklets that have been compromised with marks, have known errors.
  • Replace exam booklets when the associated question pools expire.
  • Request additional exam booklets and materials when necessary.
  • Make sure the Materials Coordinator,, has your telephone number, email address, and postal address.

Your Responsibilities

  • Know where your kit is at all times.
  • Keep booklets and grading keys in a locked box or in a locked room.
  • Make sure that there are no missing exams and that nothing is written in exam booklets.
  • Keep the kit up-to-date.
  • Request materials from the GLAARG Materials Coordinator via email or telephone, well in advance of holding exams.
  • You may make copies of GLAARG forms or download them from the GLAARG website ( and deduct the cost from your session expenses.Please note that it is usually more expensive to make copies than for GLAARG to send the forms by mail because GLAARG prints forms in large quantities, and the cost savings is usually enough to offset the postage for mailing the forms to you.
  • We prefer to send you exams, answer sheets, and Forms 605. Copying the answer sheets might change the spacing of the circles, and the templates won’t match up. We periodically make changes to forms, so it’s best to request forms rather than printing your own.

Contents of Your Exam Kit

  • Required
  1. Enough exams for each level of amateur radio licenses that you are personally qualified to administer
  2. Answer Sheets
  3. Certificates of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) – these are sequentially numbered by GLAARG Materials, so you may not print your own.
  4. Expense Report
  5. License Application (you’ll need several of these, for applicants who didn’t fill out and print their own)
  6. Session Roster
  7. Grading Templates (overlays) – three sheets, corresponding to exam booklet keys
  • Recommended
  1. List of Session Numbers and locations authorized by the VEC – so you know what session number to use
  2. Names, Call Signs and GLAARG VE Numbers – because VEs will forget
  3. Applications for GLAARG VE Accreditation – to hand out to new Generals and Extras when they pass an exam