Volunteer Examiner Accreditation and Updates

This online application form is used for all new applications and for VE’s updating their information:

Online Application Form

GLAARG Application for Volunteer Examiner Accreditation, New and Updates:

  • Simply complete and submit this application.
  • A PDF certificate will be e-mailed upon accreditation for any new or updating VE.

NOTE: This same form may be used for new applications or to update current GLAARG VE information.

FCC LICENSE RENEWALS: You need to keep your license up to date through the FCC. You do not need to submit a GLAARG application form when you renew. After the renewal shows in the FCC database, you could send an e-mail to our accreditation committee informing us. We do review our database of VE’s for expired licenses and remove those from our list.