Interested in Becoming a vE?​

Accreditation Application

Prospective VEs to fill out the VE APPLICATION form below to apply to be a Volunteer Examiner with GLAARG VEC. Please note the following:

If your accreditation is required for an upcoming session and is scheduled very soon after when you applied, please email

Accreditation will verify your name, callsign, and license class with the provided data against the FCC’s ULS prior to accreditation and issuing your certificate and VE number.

A PDF certificate will be e-mailed upon accreditation with your VE number and getting started links and information.

NOTE: The form below is used for new applications. Please see the link to HERE to update current GLAARG VE information.

Ashley Wallis, WQ9K, Accreditation

​FCC Part 97 Rules

Read Part 97. FCC Part 97 Rules can be found at You will certify that you have read and understand FCC Part 97, subpart F, governing Volunteer Examinations, and that you will abide by these rules. You will also abide by the instructions provided by the chairperson of the Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group VEC (GLAARG VEC) verbally, in writing, or on GLAARG Form 202. The GLAARG VE Manual can be found here.


The GLAARG sponsor/mentor process ensures new Volunteer Examiners (VE) have at least one VE that they can turn for questions and help. The application will ask for the callsign of your sponsor/mentor as part of the application process. If you intend to help a particular Session Manager or team, please use their callsign on the application. If you are not already established with a Session Manager or team, you can leave it blank and we will help match you up with a VE to get you started on your GLAARG VE journey.


Read the rules
Apply on the form below
Follow the “Getting started” guide