Interested in Amateur Radio Licensure or Upgrade..


There are three different license classes. GLAARG’s policy is that you must take them in order: Technician, General, and Amateur Extra.
There are many free and paid resources online and in print regarding Amateur Radio licensure. We do not provide classes or study materials. We are an organization that is dedicated to examinations.

We recommend a passing score of 80% or more on at least 5 consecutive practice exams & 100% of questions seen, to be ready to test

Obtain an FCC Registration Number (FRN)

In order to take an exam online or at a local location,  you must register for an FCC Registration Number (FRN). If you already have an FCC license of any kind, you probably already have an FRN. Click Here to register on the FCC’s FRN registration page.

Note: use of Salutations, like Mr., Mrs., Ms., are problematic. The FCC software likes to see your name as First, Middle Initial, Last. Multiple names as the First, Last or Middle tend to confuse the software, and could delay processing of your application. If you must have multiple names or salutations, it’s best to wait until there are no actions pending, and then use On-line filing to update your name.

Your FRN, registration and Form 605 must match your government issued photo identification unless you are a minor. Minors without government issued photo identifications may present school identification or their legal guardian can present theirs on behalf of the student. The Form 605 is generated during the examination session but uses the information you provide at registration.


GLAARG has in-person and remote sessions run by volunteer Session Managers and their teams of Volunteer Examiners.

We offer several types of exams depending on your time and preferences. We can even accommodate larger special events.

Are you a group interested in having a private session held? Please contact Dave at dave@glaarg.org for more information.

To see when the next sessions are available near you or online please click below:

After Registration

Registration for a specific session, on a particular day, returns a PIN that is uniquely associated with the applicant and is just for that session.

If a session is full, you can try checking back later in case someone cancels. We do not have a waitlist. We have no way to move you from one session to another. If you register and miss your session, you must register for another session and get a new PIN.

For remote exams, we will email you a link to the Zoom Session a few days before the session.

We will send you instructions for paying the exam fee. If you don’t receive instructions by the night before the exam, please email the Session Manager. Their email should be in the registration confirmation email provided by hamstudy.org/exam.tools, if used.


The remote exams are scheduled for a range of times, and no one has a reservation for a specific time. The time of the session might say 5:00 pm PST, but look at the range of times for the session. Most sessions run for an hour or more and for larger sessions, you will be assigned a “timeslot” for your exam(s).

You will have to open a browser and share your screen to take the exam – we’ve found that Chrome browsers work best on a PC, Mac, or Linux. We’ve found some tablets work, but some do not. Please contact your Session Manager ahead of the session if you are limited to tablets and smart phones only, i.e., do not have access to a laptop or desktop computer.

Please download and fill out the Form 605 if your Session Manager requests it from you. This is not required at all sessions. Please contact your Session Manager if you have additional questions regarding this form.


Please read the common questions and answers below. Still have questions, reach out to info@glaarg.org for additional help.