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PLEXUS – The Volunteer Examiner Tool

Accreditation Record Update, Certificates, and Badges requests are now processed through Plexus. See detailed information below.

Accreditation Record Update

Plexus updates with ULS data for updated names, callsigns, license upgrades, and expiration dates. Updated emails and certificates will be issued approximately 24 hours after the ULS updates.

VEs can now update their own addresses, grid squares, languages, and/or timezones in their profile on the Plexus‘ platform.

FCC LICENSE RENEWALS: You need to keep your license up to date through the FCC. You do not need to submit or notify GLAARG when you renew. Plexus will in-activate VEs with expired licenses and remove them from our active VE list. If you renew within the two year grace period, Plexus will reactivate your VE record automatically.

VE Certificate Request

If you were accredited after September 30, 2021, you were already sent this certificate in your “Welcome” message. There is no need to request another certificate unless you have lost both the certificate and the “Welcome” message it was sent in. Instructions to the certificate request can be found HERE.

VE Badge Request

Please note that the ID badges are printed in batches and not made individually. It could be as long as three months before your badge is made and mailed, or it could be next week. We know you are anxious to receive your badge soon after you have earned it but you must wait. Please note a badge request does not update your record. Please see the informational update section above for record updates. Instructions to the badge request can be found HERE.


Contact with any questions or issues with record updates, certificates or badges requests.