Thank you Letters​

I wanted to say a BIG thank you for helping me achieve my Technician and Extra Amateur Radio License.

I believe there is a substantial time commitment on all of your parts to make these online exams possible.

Your VE’s where some of the nicest, kindest, gentlest and understanding people I have ever contacted.

Thank so much for making these online exams possible.  Thank you for your time.  Thank you for your genuine care.  Thank for greatly helping me!

You are the best!

Dirk, AJ6XW (formally KN7UJF)

I just wanted to thank you for the congratulations, and let you know that the testing experience was incredible. Everyone involved was very friendly, and made for a great experience. The night of passing my exam, I made my first POTA contacts. Hope to hear you on the air!


Owen, KD9LNX

Thank you for volunteering your time and providing the opportunity to allow me to upgrade to my General license last evening. It was very nice meeting you all. Thank you for providing a relaxed and positive testing environment and for the encouraging remarks. You made the process very simple and enjoyable. I look forward to testing with Team GLAARG again in the near future for upgrade to Extra.


Jesse KJ7SUT

Hello, I just wanted to pass a note of thanks to the testing team from yesterday. Everything was very well organized and it made getting my license a lot easier for me and I very much appreciate it.


From our Friday night Zero to Hero! Thank you for the update!! GLAARG is awesome. You are so organized and everyone is friendly and knows what needs to be done. It’s enjoyable working with groups that have all the pieces working together so smoothly!

John Burham, K8FOF

I wanted to thank you for making the upgrade possible. The team was so encouraging and positive, ethical and nice. The software is seamless and intuitive. I loved the online process especially the quiet environment of the breakout room to concentrate on the exam. No chatty examiners sharing war stories with test-takers who finish and then hang around. Also the results recording the wrong questions to ensure the learning goes on is great. Anyway, a far cry from the old days at the FCC field office in San Francisco. As I upgraded to Extra I will not need to test again; but will tell all my friends how great the experience was.

Thanks again. 73, W6SLA

Dear GLAARG VEC, On behalf of the greater Clarkson University community, thank you so much for all your hard work in hosting the remote examinations. A lot of our students are excited to put their new callsign to use!

73, Carissa Ferguson (KJ4EZA), K2CC President
Clarkson University Amateur Radio Club (K2CC)

I just wanted to thank you and everyone at GLAARG for your help and guidance on my application.…I’m not sure who to direct this to, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate what everyone at GLAARG does for the HAM community and how pleasant my experience has been with each and every person I have communicated with. I’ve worked in the fire service for almost 32 years this year and I like to commend excellent service when I see it, especially from people who volunteer their time.


Aloha VE Team, Yesterday I took my Element 3 exam and upgraded to General class. I wanted to thank the VE’s for their patience and support throughout the entire exam process.  As I begin my journey as a General, I realize the exam is but a beginning of sorts and not a destination. Now the real work begins as I try to apply the principles I’ve learned and how they relate in the real world application of amateur radio and the HF spectrum.

Mahalo again,

Joe Keane Jr. WH6GPZ / AG

It was a fantastic and awesome time I spent with you all. Thank you so very much for being so wonderful to work with. I was a nervous wreck and my mind was a total blank until I started into the test. It was your being so friendly and providing so much care in making sure I was doing things correctly without making me stress that got me through the test. Thank you and I will be back for my Extra.

Gordon Kuhn

Hello, Wanted to express my gratitude . From start to finish this has been a great experience; just phenomenal. From pretest , during, and post. The way you all organized the zoom rooms was impressive; please keep that work flow… but what really made it awesome where all the Hams that participated to help welcome us to join the community…soon after joining the zoom meeting my pre-test jitters were gone and I felt very welcomed. Please give my thanks to the Hams and everyone that made this happen, hopefully I can pay it forward, what great ambassadors for this community… Please give a special thanks to: Carrie N6LMA and George N6VNI

73s, -Adrian as of today, KN6NBI

I can’t say THANK YOU to you & the rest of the team enough! Yes, the giddiness has fully kicked in. I’ll likely start studying for General tonight! Thanks for all you guys do for new hams! 73, Jeff

Thank You, Best Regards, 73

David Bisciotti KO4USA

Oh my goodness!!!! This is amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have been such an encouragement and rock through this process and I appreciate it so much!

On behalf of ARES LAX Northeast District and our HamCram test takers I would like to thank each and every one of you who made this session so successful!

GLAARG and its VEs are a shining example of all that is good in amateur radio.

Thank you! 73 de Oliver K6OLI
 District Emergency Coordinator

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in testing and setting everything up. It was a fun experience and far less stressful than I thought it would be. I truly appreciate all of your help and the hard work it must have taken. I am truly grateful and look forward to eventually upgrading my license. I have a bit of learning left to do.

 Andrew Pruneda KF0GDB

Just want to reiterate our thanks from Uganda. Great job to the whole team, our test experience was administered with excellence! Jack and I sincerely appreciated your time, kindness, and encouragement! Thanks especially for accommodating our request for an earlier time slot. Well done GLAARG!

I want to Thank everyone last night who was part of the process for testing for my Extra exam. This group has so many wonderful people who made the experience fun and exciting. Passing my exam last night was a rewarding experience. Something I won’t soon forget.

Thanks again,


I can’t say THANK YOU to you & the rest of the team enough! Yes, the giddiness has fully kicked in. I’ll likely start studying for General tonight! Thanks for all you guys do for new hams!