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In Person or Remote

You should make it known in your community that your session is about to take place. Notify radio clubs in the area, make announcements on local repeaters, contact local high schools, place notices in public places, etc. This is no longer legally required but it is common sense.

When a session allowing walk-ins is advertised, examinees should be advised of the time to appear. For instance, you might have pre-registered applicants arrive between 0800 & 0830 and accept walk-ins between 0830 & 1030. Without a firm cut-off time, you can expect stragglers to come waltzing in just as you are folding the tent for the day!  Most sessions these days can finish up by noon.

In person Non ExamTool Advertised

Fill out this form to advertise your VE session on this website. Scroll down to see the whole form and the Submit button. You also need to get a session number from Dave (

The submission of the form below will be emailed to the webmaster prompting them to update the calendar on this website (so it’s not automatic). If your session isn’t listed within a week, please notify