Multiple People using same FRN

If you are “piggy-backing” on another users FRN or if someone else is using your FRN, you would simply need to create your own new FRN and then re-associate that license to the new FRN. It is a fairly easy process to correct.

Should you have questions of where to go throughout the process, you can call the FCC hotline (888-225-5322), and one of the call center staff would be happy to assist you.

The FCC provided references regarding this issue:

An FRN is required by anyone engaged in business with the Commission (CFR 1.8002(a)) and that should be associated only to one entity, be it an individual or a business.

An FRN should be a unique identifier to each entity in that regard (CFR 1.8001(a)). A business may obtain as many FRNs as is necessary to engage in business operations, but that same ability is not extended to individuals (CFR 1.8002(c)).

If you have questions please refer to this section of the CFR.