glaarg logo yellow blackThe Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group VEC is one of the 14 FCC-recognized Volunteer-Exam Coordinators conducting amateur radio exams. GLAARG is a VEC testing organization, not a radio club. Our exam fee is only $5.


It is helpful for the VE Teams if you email or phone the session contact before showing up to take the exam. This helps them plan for the session and make sure there are enough Volunteer Examiners (VEs) on hand to make things go as smoothly as possible.

Rather than expose your Social Security Number on a license application, please register for an FCC Reference Number (FRN). If you already have an FCC license, including non-amateur, you probably already have an FRN. There is a link to the FCC’s FRN registration page on the Links page.

Please fill out Section #1 of the license application, Form 605. You can download the form from our forms page: glaargforms

If you are upgrading, you must bring your original signed license and a copy of that signed license to attach to your application. If you don’t yet have a paper copy of your license, you can use your CSCE or download a Reference Copy from the FCC’s ULS Database. As of Feb 7, 2017, GLAARG VEC does not require this because most VE teams can verify a license by looking it up in the FCC ULS database. In remote areas, without Internet access, it might be good to bring a copy of your license, but if the VE team accepts your claim to be licensed, that’s good enough.

For identification, you will need a government-issued, signed picture ID (Driver’s License or Passport, for example). Some VE Teams require a second form of identification, such as a signed credit card or utility bill that shows your name and address as it is on your other ID. The VE Team must be satisfied as to your identity.

Finding a VE Session Near You

Most GLAARG VE Teams hold sessions on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. GLAARG might be able to arrange a VE Session for a group – contact materials@glaarg.org to request a session. GLAARG is a small VEC in terms of people, but we are the 4th largest of the VECs in terms of number of exams held per year.

GLAARG VE Sessions, only $5/exam, are listed on this website, at:
http://glaarg.org/ve-sessions/ (Note that most other VECs are charging $15/exam)

You can also search the ARRL’s exam session database: Key in your ZIP code and you can search for exams within 25, 50, 100, or 250 miles: http://www.arrl.org/exam_sessions/search.